Uzm. Dr. Elif Ünal Erbil

Physics Ted. and Rehabilitation
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ELİF ÜNAL ERBİL MD, 4. Education Status Undergraduate Istanbul University 1993 Specialization Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Physical medicine and Rehabilitation S.B. Istanbul Physical therapy and rehabilitation EDUCATION AND RESEARCH HOSPITAL 2007 5. Academic Titles Instructor Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Cyprus International University 2015 -2016 6. Managed Master’s and Doctoral Theses 6-1. Master thesis Investigation of the superiority of electrical stimulation applied together with exercise in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty only to exercise program -2007 7. Publications 7-1. bone loss and bone turnover in acute and chronic spinal cord injured patients Paker N, Bugdayci D, Ersoy S, Uysal (Unal Erbil) E, Elbirlik S. Neurosciences (Riyadh). 2007 Jul;12(3):232-5. 7-2.Bone Mineral Density in Health Turkish Women Paker N, Soy D, Erbil M, Uysal(Ünal Erbil) Elif, Otlu Z. J Miner Stoffwechs 2005-12

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