Child Health and Diseases


Child Health

“Every child is special and requires care” – with this philosophy, since our establishment, we have been serving as a “children’s hospital,” offering a multitude of sections and clinics specially created for children. As a “Baby-Friendly Hospital” certified institution, we meticulously and continuously monitor the entire process from the birth to the growth of babies, especially providing necessary treatments under one roof for children under 16 years of age. We value the health of your children.

The OTA&Jinemed Group’s departments related to children include:

  1. **Pediatrics Department (Child Health and Diseases)**
  2. **Neonatal Care Unit**
  3. **Pediatric Emergency Service**

### Pediatrics Department (Child Health and Diseases)

The Pediatrics Department comprises the “Well-Child Unit” and “General Pediatrics Unit.” We provide services in this department with the goal of regularly monitoring the development of babies from birth and children during their growth, protecting them from diseases, and ensuring early diagnosis and treatment. Since receiving the “Baby-Friendly Hospital” certification in 2006, our hospital supports the breastfeeding process. As part of this, we offer mothers breastfeeding counseling, as well as education on baby nutrition and care through our “Mother Class Program.” We ensure that routine health screenings and vaccinations are administered to babies. Besides babies, we provide outpatient or inpatient treatments for diseases of children, especially those under 16 years of age, under the comfortable conditions of our hospital.

The 0-12 age period in children is especially crucial, as it is a time when illnesses are common. During this period, children need careful attention and regular health check-ups. It’s important to remember that diseases not well-treated in childhood can lead to problems in later years.

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