Women’s Cancer Center


Female cancers are the second cause of death in women after cardiovascular diseases and are increasing gradually. Early diagnosis is possible in most of these types of cancers and life can be saved. Early diagnosis in cancer really saves lives. When our patients come to us, we carefully investigate their family histories and take on the task of cancer screening accordingly. Teaching women to cervical cancer by performing pap smear tests at regular intervals, to uterine and ovarian cancer by performing vaginal ultrasound, breast examination once a month and by taking mammography after a certain age, to breast cancer, occult blood determination performed annually over the age of 40 and over 50 years of age. It is possible to diagnose large bowel cancer early with colonoscopy examinations, and all of these procedures are carefully performed at Ota & Jinemed Hospital. As Ota & Jinemed Hospital, while undertaking the treatment of the current problems of the woman, we also act as a cancer check-up and warn all our patients about this issue and make the necessary examinations. Early diagnosis in cancer really saves lives. But the least important thing is that the team that makes this diagnosis and undertakes its treatment is an expert in cancer.
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