Patients’ Rights

1. To benefit from the services in general: to benefit from the activities aimed at promoting healthy living and preventive health services, within the principles of justice and equity.

 2.Accessing services in equality: To receive services regardless of race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social conditions.

 3. Information: To learn what all kinds of services and opportunities are

 4. Selecting and changing the institution: Selecting and changing the health institution, benefiting from the health services provided in the selected health institution.

 5. Recognizing, selecting and changing personnel: Learning, selecting and changing the identities, duties and titles of physicians and other personnel who will provide and currently provide health services,

 6. Requesting Information: To request all kinds of information about the state of health verbally or in writing,

 7. Privacy: To receive all kinds of health services in an environment suitable for confidentiality,

 8. Consent and Permission: To obtain consent in medical interventions and to benefit from the service within the consent,

 9. Rejection and stopping: Rejecting the treatment and asking it to be stopped,

 10. Security: To receive health service in a safe environment,

 11. Fulfilling their religious duties: Fulfilling their religious obligations within the means of the organization and within the measures taken by the administration.

 12. Respect: To receive friendly, gentle, and compassionate health services with respect, care and attention.

 13. Comfort: To receive health services in an environment where all kinds of hygienic conditions are provided and all noisy and disturbing factors are eliminated.

 14. Visit: To accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the institutions and organizations.

 15. Having a companion: To request to have a companion in accordance with the possibilities of the legislation, health institutions and organizations and if the physician deems appropriate.

 16. Right of application, complaint and litigation: To use all kinds of application, complaint and litigation rights within the legislation in case of violation of their rights.

 17. Continuous service: The right to benefit from health services as long as necessary.

 18. Preventive measure: Each individual has the right to receive appropriate services to be protected from disease. In order to achieve this goal, the task of health services is to ensure that everyone benefits equally from health services and scientific research results and technological innovations.


 All the opinions and suggestions of our patients are very valuable to us. These opinions are carefully evaluated by our department managers and contribute to increase our service quality day by day. Feedback is given to our patient who notifies the department about the decisions and results made after the evaluation.


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