Our Covid-19 Laboratory Authorized
by the Ministry of Health of the
Republic of Turkey Started Service
PCR TEST Virüsün kendisini
Detects the virus itself
(viral ribonucleic acid [RNA]).
IGM TEST Detection of
people in acute illness after
being infected
with the virus
IGG TEST Identification of people
who have recovered
and become immune
after being infected with the virus
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“Life Begins With Us” We are at your service with dozens of

branches from IVF to neurosurgery,

orthopedics to teeth.
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Cardiology Check Up
If you have a family history of heart attack, coronary artery diseases,
diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, we recommend Cardiology Check Up.
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Orthopedics and Traumatology Emergency trauma fractures, knee and hip prosthesis,
Disc Herniation, Pediatric Orthopedics, Flat Foot,
Developmental Hip Dysplasia, Height Extension
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Women’s Cancers Early diagnosis of cancer really saves lives. But at least as i
mportant as this is that the team that diagnoses and treats i
t is an expert on cancer.
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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic With the principle of “Healthy Beauty”; from medical skin care to skin rejuvenation with
fractional lasers; We perform every procedure, from laser lipolysis and liposuction
to all aesthetic surgery operations, in the hygienic and safe environment of our
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Your IVF Journey
Every couple has their own unique treatment story. Planning your treatment in the
first meeting with your doctor and afterwards is the beginning of your journey.
Accurate and scientific planning achieves a happy ending.

We invite you to our clinic for the first meeting and evaluation.
Randevu Al

OTA & Jinemed Hospital

Our hospital, which stepped into the healthcare world in Beşiktaş, Istanbul in 2013, maintains its superior quality standards as the most respected healthcare institution in the region. Our hospital, which has a contract with SGK and all private health insurances, brings together the experience of Fulya Jinemed and the wide polyclinic network of OTA under the name "Ota & Jinemed Hospital" and welcomes you in the center of the city. Our hospital, which is a hope for many families with its expert staff in the IVF center, continues to provide services in many areas from neurosurgery to aesthetics, from general surgery to dermatology.

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